Calendar and events

We have a new calendar! It’s mainly exciting for our web admin who now has all the various bits talking to each other in one place, but hopefully it will allow visitors to see what’s coming up, when and where. It can be found under the Calendar tab at the top of the page and we hope you’ll have a look and come along to some of them. If it doesn’t work, do let the web admin know by sending a message through the Contact page.

As a taster, here are just a few of the social events coming up over the next couple of months…

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Thy Kingdom Come – stones

Today we have prayed together as a family… Find five small stones (light coloured ones are best) and write each of the people on your list onto each ofthe stones. Place them on your desk, bedside table or fireplace as a reminder to pray. Alternatively, you could place each stone in a different room of … Read more

Thy Kingdom Come – post-it

Today I have used the post-it note method to pray for five people I know… Use five post-it notes and write one name onto each.Stick them onto your mirror, above your bed or somewhere that you’ll see them regularly and will be reminded to pray.

Thy Kingdom Come – Lego

Today I have prayed with my daughter… On the side of a piece of Lego, write the name of someone you want to pray for. Each time you pray for that person, put another piece of Lego on top of the name to create a prayer tower.