The priesting

This weekend we celebrated with enormous joy the ordination as priest of our curate, Rev. Kate. On Saturday she was priested and she presided over her first Eucharist on Sunday afternoon. We look forward to her continuing sacramental role in the parish. Congratulations, Kate!   Many of the congregation of St Mary’s were able to … Read more

Kate’s ordination to the priesthood

It is with great joy that we shall be joining Kate and her fellow deacons from across the diocese as they are ordained into the priesthood at the abbey church on Saturday 29th June.   Kate will be continuing her curacy at St. Mary’s after her ordination as priest, playing an increasingly sacramental role in … Read more

Silver Anniversary

Congratulations and celebrations! Twenty five years of women’s ordination, and twenty five years of priesthood for Rev. Gill Webb who continues to serve Marston and Lidlington with kindness and generosity. [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns]